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Maja Babic is an architectural and urban historian and a critic. She is an assistant professor of history and theory of architecture and urbanism at the University of Groningen. Maja completed her doctoral studies in twentieth- and twenty-first-century architectural and urban history and theory at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, USA. She obtained her MSc in Architecture History and Theory at the University of Washington and her architectural engineering degree at the University of Sarajevo.

​Maja's scholarship focuses on the intersection of architecture and ideology during the state-socialist and post-socialist periods in East-Central and Southeastern Europe, focusing on former Yugoslavia and the Czech Republic. She studies the intertwined nature of architectural production, urban planning, and socio-political events in the state-socialist countries of the twentieth century and the socio-political and architectural developments in contemporary post-communist Europe. Her current work explores the production and negotiations of urban identities in post-socialist spaces, particularly focusing on communist-era housing estates and urban monuments. Maja teaches classes on mass housing, urban monuments, and state-socialist and post-socialist urban identities. 

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